Great relationships are not born, they’re made

4x5_102_DSC_5710Welcome to Natural Relationships where you will learn how to improve your relationships. I'm excited that you are here. Having happy, long-lasting relationships can truly be more simple than most people know.

The secret to happy, long-lasting relationships is understanding that your relationships are governed by natural principles no matter what type of relationship you're in. Whether it's parent/child, romantic, or work-related, YOU are governed by natural principles and so is everyone else. Once you understand what is natural, it becomes easier to stay in harmony with those around you. Understanding these principles is like having a secret map that, unfortunately, most people just don't have. Once you have a map, you will better understand other people and see straight-forward solutions that other's just can't see. Learning Natural Principles is like learning a master language that applies to all people at all times.

What are natural principles?
Natural principles come from nature and have been a part of our makeup from the beginning of time. Similar to instincts, these principles tend to govern the way human beings behave. They are underlying factors as to why we feel happy, fulfilled, anxious, or lonely. By understanding what is natural for a person, you can work in harmony with them. If you don't understand what is natural, you will be more likely to make mistakes.

For almost twenty years, people have been coming to me when they need help. They come when their spouse is leaving, when their kids won't listen, or when they are unhappy in their life and need a change. The way I help every person is unique to their situation, but the paradigm I use is always the same. I use Natural Principles. It is my hope that by sharing these principles with you, you will know there is a road map available to guide you.

This website is intended to give you an introduction to the fundamentals that are essential in having happy and long-lasting relationships. If you find that you want help in applying them or if you want help with how to deal with specific situations, join me on one of my free question/answer calls or use the Ask Faith area on the forum.

In the beginning of relationships, we all have dreams. We envision what our life will be like with another person or we hold a baby in our arms with so many hopes and desires for their future. But sometimes those dreams can turn into nightmares: our marriage may feel like a nightmare, our boss may feel like a nightmare, our teenager may feel like a nightmare, and it's rarely from a lack of trying. Most people are doing the best they can and simply don't know what else to do. The good news is, there are things to do. There is a science and psychology to relationships that can be learned.

People tend to want a quick fix and in relationships quick isn't bad. Some people not only want a quick fix but they need a quick fix because they are in trouble now. I have worked with well over 500 individuals one on one and thousands in large groups that have had success using these tools. These are tools you can use immediately and you can expect to see changes happen quite quickly and deepen over time.

You don't have to figure this all out on your own. You'll be doing the work but I'll be here to help guide you. Check out the Relationship Advice area for information on common problems. Become a Free Member to access the Forum and receive updates from me as they become available. When you decide you're ready, I'm here to help.