The Words Men Love To Hear

Ever wonder if there is a secret to having a happy, long-lasting relationship? There is. Keeping your man happy is one half of the equation and you being happy is the other half. So how do you keep your man happy? It may not be as hard as you think. One step in the right direction is to learn to say the things he loves to hear. Here are five suggestions to add to your vocabulary on a regular basis:

1. You make me SO happy: We generally accept that men like to be successful in business. They also like to succeed with the ladies, so be smart and let your man succeed with you. Men are more driven to please women than most women realize. It was to win back Helen of Troy that King Menalaus sent the entire Greek army after her, which started the Trojan War, and eventually brought down an empire. Letting your man know he is succeeding with you won't spoil him or motivate him less; it will motivate him more. It feels good to feel like a winner. Let your man win with you and watch him start looking for ways to please you over and over again.

2. You take such good care of me (us): Men are protectors and providers by nature yet sometimes their efforts are misunderstood. When he's trying to provide you with solutions when you only want him to listen, when he works too many hours and doesn't spend enough time with you, or when he won't ask for directions when he's lost, that's a man intending to take care of his woman. If your man isn't taking good enough care of you, use a subliminal suggestion and tell him that he already is. As nuts as that sounds, sometimes solutions are counter-intuitive. Treat your man as if he already is just as you'd like him to be, and watch what happens over time.

3. Expressing belief in him: When a man is facing a challenge, use words that express your belief in him.  "I know you'll handle it. You'll do it. You always find a way." Believing in your man sends the message that he is competent, capable, intelligent, and reliable. Men really need to hear that. Rescuing a man with your own advice or being overly worried is one of the worse things you can do. Doubting your man may exacerbate the insecurity he might be feeling already. Instead, inspire him with your trust and know that he'll come through.

4. Suggestive comments: Just like a woman feels more confident when her man tells her she's beautiful, men feel more confident when their mate finds them sexy and strong. Notice your man's muscles and flirt with him. Tell him he's handsome. Let him know that he's sexy. Your being suggestive makes him feel like he's doing a good job being your man and helps insulate him from being unduly allured by the attention he may get from other women.

5. I'm so glad you're mine:  In a lot of ways, men want the same things that women want. They want to be loved and accepted unconditionally as they are. They want to be good enough already. "I'm so glad you're mine," tells your man that you love him, that you're proud of him, and that he has a place where he belongs.

One of the most common mistakes most women make is not saying these things. Some women think that complimenting their man is useless or a waste of time. "Why should I have to tell him? Shouldn't he just do it? I have to stroke his ego?" My answer is yes!

Do you want your man to tell you that you need to lose twenty pounds, that you're not as beautiful as when he met you, and that you're negativity is causing him to fantasize about other women? Would that motivate you? Start giving your man what he needs, even if you're not yet getting everything that you need. If he was your puppy instead of your husband, you wouldn't stop feeding him if he peed on the carpet. In relationships, we've got to emotionally feed each other every day. Feeding your man is one step in the right direction to causing him to want to reciprocate and start feeding you back.


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